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6 March 2010 08:15

Announcing LiveViewDX - a DirectShow video capture source for Canon EOS DSLRs with LiveView.

What: Allows you to use your EOS like a webcam with (hopefully) any software that allows for video capture, such as Skype, Amcap, etc.

When: To quote the Red Lectroids: "Real soon!"  I hope to have an Alpha version up shortly, followed by a Beta version, then another Beta version, and probably another Beta, etc.

Why: Because I'm lazy.  I wanted to try out some astrophotography (AP) software that requires a webcam, but my webcam was out in the garage, and my 40D was hooked up to my computer.  6 months and a T1i later, and I'm almost there.

Why, part 2:  Capturing LiveView images actually does have application in AP.  A couple of packages already do it (albeit in a different manner), and people have produced some phenomenal planetary images with this technique.  Also, a package called MetaGuide will allow you to use two webcams to quantify the flexure (bad juju) in your AP setup.  Since I don't own two webcams, and replacing the heavier Canon with a lighter webcam would probably change the results, I'm hopeful that this driver can help APers drive out some of their (system's) demons.

How much:  Free, but only for non-commercial use.

Disclaimer:  All tradenames, trademarks, etc. are the property of their respective owners.  Author does not warrant the applicability of LiveViewDX for any of the purposes outlined above.  Relase dates may will slip.  Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

What is a Red Lectroid?: Laugh-a while you can, monkey-boy.

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